Create assignments

What is an assignment and who gets access to my data?

Assignments are local courses, where you can test assignees' (e.g. students or colleagues) ability to view and interpret radiological images in a realistic examination environment.

As an instructor you are in full control of content and audience. You can import your own cases from your PACS to create customized questions or you can pick questions from our large question bank, and you can send the assignment to exactly the people you want. Your data remain yours and you can delete it from eScan Academy anytime, and we will never share your assignment or cases with anyone without your consent. Learn more about our data processing here.

Importantly, Scan Academy comply with GDPR and all files are properly de-identified as per the DICOM standard before they leave your closed network and uploaded to our secure servers. Learn more about de-identification here and secure servers here.

Access to assignment module

  1. Click on "manage assignments" in the top menu to access the assignment dashboard. If you cannot find the link you might not have been issued a "tutor" user role in eScan Academy. Please contact us at to get access.

Create assignment

  1. On the assignment dashboard select the assignment which you would like to edit or create a new assignment by clicking on the plus icon on the upper right corner of the 'my assignments' card.

Navigating the assignment dashboard

You can change all assignment setting in this card, e.g.

  • activate/deactivate assignment (only active assignments are visible to assignees)

  • change the name, summary and description of the assignment

  • define a pass grade (to create assignments without pass grade disable "show pass grade")

  • randomize the exercise order within each group

  • enable/disable the case discussion feature

In the top card you can manage your saved assignments. To create a new assignment click the plus icon in the top right corner

Assignment Dashboard.png

Assignments are structured in one or more exercise groups. To add a new group click the plus icon in the top right corner of the content card. 

To add an exercise click the plus icon for the group, where you would like to add the exercise.

You can change the exercise order by dragging and dropping the items in the exercise list

Learn more here.

Assignees get immediate access to the assignment when you activate it. To add assignees click the plus icon in the top right corner of this card.

Make sure to add the users to eScan Academy first by clicking 'add new user' in the drop down menu in right side of the top bar

Add one or more editors to work together when preparing the assignment