Case editor

Access to case editor

To access the case editor, you need to import a case to eScan Academy. To import a case from your PACS please follow the steps outlined here. To edit an already imported case, go to 'my archive' in the top menu and click 'edit case'.

Understanding the case editor

In the case editor you can prepare your case, change the default appearance of your images, create questions, add teaching points, and much more. This guide will explain how to add patient information, add teaching points, change order of views, and change view title (tab title).

First you need to locate the case editor menu, which gives you direct access to several menus and functionalities.

Add patient information​

  1. In the editor menu click the                 icon to open the patient information card. When presented in an assignment the patient information is displayed to the left of the image and on top of the question. In the patient information card you can add all relevant patient information. Please contact us on if something is missing from the list.


Add teaching points

  1. In the editor menu click on the                   icon to open the teaching points menu.

  2. Click 'add teaching point' and you will notice that your cursor now has a teaching point icon attached. 

  3. Hover your mouse on your image and click on the slice and location where you would like to assign a new teaching point.

  4. The teaching point card opens. Select a teaching point from the list. Please contact us on if a teaching point is missing from the list.











Change order of views

If your case has more than one view (shown as tabs in the case editor) you can arrange the order. The leftmost view is always loaded first. In the below image we have included two views: a CT and a screenshot, where the CT view will be loaded first.


  1. Hoover your mouse on the tab you would like to move, and several small dots appear on the left side of the tab.

  2. Move your mouse to the small dots and grab (left click) the tab. While left clicking you can move the tab to the desired position.

Change view title (tab title)​

  1. Hoover your mouse on the tab you would like rename, and a small pencil appear on the right side of the tab.

  2. Click the pencil to rename to view.