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The Perfect Add-On to Your Clinical Training Programs

Earn the CME credits you need in eScan Academy

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Our comprehensive curriculum is build by senior clinical experts, and provides targeted and topic-driven learning in each core discipline.

Unique learning paths tailored to each learner's skill level and area of interest ensures maximum return on time spend in eScan Academy.

Thousands of hand-picked cases presented in our online DICOM viewer for the most authentic training experience.

150+ prebuilt courses pull together all the information residents need to learn about a topic, while assessment questions help determine where to focus valuable study time. Courses include:

  • Learning objectives crafted by experienced educators

  • 6,000 assessment questions to help you learn

  • Teaching points written by leading clinical experts

  • Links to open access sources for further studying

Fully accredited by the EACCME and through a mutual recognition procedure, European CME Credits (ECMEC®) can be transferred to AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™.

Our curriculum covers all core areas of nuclear medicine, hybrid imaging, and radiology including:

  • PET/CT in lung cancer, lymphoma, colorectal cancer, prostate cancer, melanoma, 68-Ga somatostatin analogues)

  • SPECT/CT (somatostatin receptor scintigraphy)

  • Skeletal system (bone scintigraphy)

  • Nuclear cardiology (myocardial perfusion scintigraphy)

  • Pulmonary system (planar lung scans, lung x-ray, lung SPECT, thorax CT)

  • Neuroimaging (DAT scan, CT)

  • Gastrointestinal system (gastrointestinal scintigraphy, CT)

  • Renal system (renography)

  • Endocrine system (thyroid scintigraphy, parathyoid scintigraphy)

  • Inflammation and infection

  • Lymphoscintigraphy and sentinel node

  • Paediatric scintigraphy

  • MSK

  • Breast imaging (mammography)

Better and Cost-Effective Learning

Feature highlights

Topic-specific courses

Topic-specific courses pull together all the information needed including specific diagnoses, teaching points, and assessment questions related to the topic.


Different learning paths

With different learning paths, eScan Academy ensures the right training for each resident level. Our basic level courses is designed is for 1st-year trainees and provides topic introductions, imaging anatomy, and basic diagnosis questions. Our intermediate and advanced level courses is for 2nd-year and 3rd-year trainees, building on more advanced topics and imaging modalities.

Comprehensive curriculum

eScan Academy delivers the first comprehensive nuclear medicine curriculum, across all core disciplines and over all sub-specialties, to help you become a competent, confident physician.

Crafted by experts

Our expert faculty contributes a lifetime of sub-specialty expertise to your learning experience.

Remote access 24/7

Access eScan Academy anytime, anywhere. eScan Academy is web-based and optimized for access on a newer web broser or iPad.

Advantages for residents

6,000 Questions and counting

With over 6,000 assessment questions covering a variety of topics, eScan Academy ensures you are prepared for anything and everything

Get instant feedback

Strengthen your understanding with immediate teaching tips, related reading material, and get instant feedback on your reporting.

Remote access 24/7

Access eScan Academy anytime, anywhere. eScan Academy is web-based and optimized for access on a newer web broser or iPad.

Advantages for faculty

Performance tracking

Educators can receive detailed performance tracking reports to see how individual residents are performing, how residents in a specific program year are performing as a group, and how residents in your program are performing compared to their peers around the world. Educators can also use this information to gain insight into areas of strength and weakness for individual residents, specific program years, and the entire residency program.

Time saving

eScan Academy provides a consistent educational resource for every teaching faculty member in your program.

Reporting and documentation

Receive key performance indicators for individual residents, such as number of courses completed and average assessment performance statistics to help accurately gauge and document your residents’ progress.

Pay with credit card

 We offer significant discounts for groups, institutions, departments, and residency programs. Sign up now for a free trial, and inquire about pricing and access.

Endorsed by Esteemed Medical Societies 


British Nuclear Medicine Society

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Japanese Society of Nuclear Cardiology


Australian and New Zealand Society of Nuclear Medicine

Trusted by Renowned Institutions


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eScan Academy is a premium online continuing education resource for radiologists and nuclear medicine specialists. 

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