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Case studies

Male Student

Interactive classroom

The Department of Nuclear Medicine at Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Gothenburg, Sweden, are transforming traditional classroom lectures to interactive sessions with eScan Academy.

"We use eScan Academy as an integral part of our teaching activities. Before I spent hours on boring slideshows while the students were fighting to stay awake. Now, I quickly introduce a new subject and then we use eScan Academy for hands-on training. The students use it a lot, and they all think it is great." 


- Lars Edenbrandt, MD,  Professor.

Analyzing Scans

Realistic student testing

The Department of Radiology at Skåne University Hospital in Sweden use eScan Academy to carry out realistic online tests on their medical students.

"With eScan Academy we can better test our student’s reporting skills in a realistic setting. The platform is very intuitive; exams are easy to setup, the content is well-structured, and the students are more engaged than ever."


- Christina Christoffersen, MD, Educational Supervisor.