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In the 3 free courses, you can experience learning with eScan Academy. You will test and refine your skills while reviewing medical cases across the most common imaging modalities (such as scintigraphy, SPECT, CT, PET/CT).
Our expert faculty have carefully selected, analyzed, and assigned unique teaching to all cases. To imitate real clinical situation as closely as possible, we use our own online DICOM viewer, where you can change display settings and scroll through our image stacks. 
You will earn 3 CME credits upon completion.
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Introduction to Nuclear Medicine
  • Assess for metastatic disease in bone scintigraphy of 63-year-old female patient with breast cancer,
  • Assess for metastatic disease in bone scintigraphy of 78-female patient with lung cancer,
  • Classify region of interest in SPECT of 78-year-old male patient with suspected parkinsonism
  • Assess for pulmonary embolism in SPECT and chest X-rays of +90-year-old male patient with suspected pulmonary embolism,
  • Classify region of interest in Lymphoscintigraphy of 78-year-old male with melanoma,
  • Assess for coronary artery disease in SPECT (gated/non-gated) of 62-year-old male patient with suspected coronary artery disease,
  • Evaluation of hyperthyroidism in Pinhole of 70-year-old female patient with suspected thyroid disease.
Introduction to Hybrid Imaging
  • Detect recurrence and classify region of interest in PET/CT of 75-year-old female patient with colorectal cancer,
  • Staging of patient considered for surgery in PET/CT of 77-year-old female patient with suspected lung cancer,
  • Classify region of interest in PET/CT of 64-year-old male patient with midgut NET.
Introduction to Radiology
  • X-ray of 23-year-old male with a fractured wrist,
  • Radiological assessment of thorax CT of 80-yaer-old female patient with unknown diagnosis,
  • Radiological assessment of thorax x-ray of 76-yaer-old female patient with heart strain and COPD,
  • Gastrointestinal and Abdominal CT of 62-year-old male patient with suspected kidney stones,
  • Radiological assessment in neuro CT of 55-year-old male patient with suspected ischaemic stroke,
  • Mammography of 62-year-old patient with no family history of breast cancer, previously had hormone therapy, and no palpable mass.



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