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Radiology reporting is a skill that comes with experience – not just by studying textbooks. eScan Academy lets you practice and develop your reporting skills on real patents in a safe, realistic, and virtual training environment. 

Go through thousands of peer-reviewed patient reports to learn from the experts, or take our interactive online courses to improve your competences in interpreting and reporting the most common types of scans, e.g. x-ray, CT, PET-CT, mammography, or scintigraphy.

eScan Academy has everything you need to develop good reporting skills, improve your knowledge, and obtain the CME/CPD credits you need.

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More than 140 accredited online courses

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+140 accredited CME/CPD courses

More than 140 high-quality online courses accredited by the EACCME (European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education) covering all sub-specialties of nuclear medicine, hybrid imaging, and radiology.

Learn structured reporting

Our structured reporting templates ensures good reporting practice and follows current clinical recommendations. Each template is custom made to fit the cases and modules you are studying, and you will get instant feedback once you have submitted your report.

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Yes, uric bladder stone

Yes, fecaloma


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Pathology causing hydroneprosis

Teaching points and reference material

More than 10.000 teaching points explain special findings in the images. Teaching points includes links to updated reference material such as guidelines, open-access journals, etc.

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Engage our expert faculty directly from our viewer. Our experts is ready to discuss all cases with you, and will typically answer your questions within minutes.

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Track your progress and self-audit your performance to identify your strengths and weaknesses. Assessment results help you determine where to focus your valuable study time

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