Partnering for better education

Together with our partner, AXIM, we have partnered with SASNM to provide our continuing education resources to their members.

eScan Academy provides interactive step-by-step training to learn how to read and interpret nuclear medicine images. A comprehensive database of educational cases covering all core disciplines of nuclear medicine will help all those involved in nuclear medicine training to enhance their diagnostic skills.


The website contains CME courses in all core disciplines of nuclear medicine. Within each core discipline, the courses explain how to read, manipulate, analyse and interpret all relevant nuclear medicine images using nothing but a standard internet browser. This includes planar images, gated cardiac images, MIP/raw images in cine mode, SPECT, SPECT/CT, and PET/CT. All patient cases are carefully selected and classified by our faculty of senior nuclear medicine professionals. Findings in the images are marked and described in teaching points, often with links to open access papers or guidelines.

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