Seamless collection and transfer of medical images in clinical trials

Get superior data quality with our intuitive and powerful online solution to collect and transfer medical images from  investigators around to world to one central trial repository. No download or installation required.

Simple workflow

Our workflow

Image acquisition &

Transmittal forms

& submission

Quality control

& central reading

Data management
& export

Image acquisition & de-identification

Ensure regulatory compliance and eliminate variability, mitigate human errors, and secure audit trail information


Images are manually exported from local PACS at each investigator site before being committed to the central trial repository.

Image recognition

Data integrity is ensured through automated image recognition by validating all entries and prevents images from being submitted until they are trial protocol compliant.


Following best practice, we use a standards-based approach to data de-identification. The process is fully automated and happens locally on the investigators’ device to ensure no data with Personal Health Information leaves their closed network.

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